Decatur's Warning
Monday, June 16, 2003
  Carl Hiassen's latest attempt at wit, continues the campaign
of disparagement I mentioned below; Ostensibly about the
President's admitting to a lie; it twist the truth so often it
is need of a fisking;
Saturday, June 14, 2003
  In a world that really cared about history, the false sophistry of Gore Vidal,(now on display in The Bush Cheney Junta and the Permanent War for Oil) would be totally ignored, in stead of the writings of John Gates, whose work on early American colonial interventions; in the Phillipines, the Caribbean & Vietnam, shows a balanced view of those interventions Yet shouting quagmire, the junta, the selected president, passes for wisdom and wit, just
ask Michael Moore, whose agitprop docu?diatribe just
won the Oscar for Best Documentary. You have to do a long and complicated google search;ie Phillipines; Gates;
Vidal. If you can't learn history right, to paraphrase Santayana, how can you even discern what mistakes can
be made
  You will rarely find references to those similar and dissimilar events, Only after the eve of war, did my local paper the Miami Herald, run an article on the British experience in Mesopotamia, focusing on exactly the differences that would make it a warning of quagmire, like makeup of the expedition, the difference in logistical considerations,which would telescope a three year endeavor into three weeks
Then again, in a milieu, where Howard Zinn and Gore Vidal pass for acceptable historians, one is lucky the distortion is so slight, this being the Herald, not the
New York Times or the Guardian/Independent/Observer. The BBC's reporter in Miami, admitted in a socalled alternative publication, that although the NY Times had the most damaging print view of the Iraq war, among major USdailies, the Herald's pictures were as graphic a rebuttal to the 'official administration view of the war; which turned out to be the correct one

The BBC, being the purveyor of the "Jenin massacre", the looting of the Baghdad
Museum, the whole Jessica Lynch was a hoax, and the Phantom WMDs along with aother parts of stories, that complete the Bush McCarthyism, Junta template. has become a go to source, for the most rabid critics of the current scene. in effect a real version of Orwell's Ministry of Truth, used as rebuttal material for Paul Krugman
( Michael Wolff, htttm(who couldn't find a story in Quatar, without consulting the Saddamophilic, Islamic sympathizing Al-Jazeera) and scores of others, too many to name.
The Herald, with a generous contribution from NY Times stringer and Castro acolyte Anna Louis Bardach, was responsible for making Luis Posada Carriles, the greatest threat to the world, in the summer of 1998, when we should have been focusing more on; I don't know Osama Bin Laden

  One of the reasons that prompted me, to create this journal, is the outright criminal abuse of history, that seems to permeate most media, (and I'm not referring to Jason Blair or Stephen Glass, right now) It has always been present, but it has become more acute in the aftermath of September 11, and the Afghan War. Leave aside the 'looting of the Iraqi museum, the CIA created Saddamm meme, the Iraq quagmire, (as compared to the original Mesopotamian experience by the British ,1914-1932, the French experience in Algeria, 1830-1860 the Russian experience in Chechnya, the American experience in the Phillipines and Cuba, The Arab experience in Spain, and the Spanish resistance, at the heart of Bin Laden's Andalus gripe: when one talks of 'occupied territories, how about from 711-1492, what's the standard for comparison.
Friday, June 13, 2003
  This journal is designed to focus on the many issues, and
ideas of the day, that involve US national security, and the
war on Terror. It is named after Stephen Vincent Decatur
(1779-1825) One of the first American naval heroes, who
was the first to confront the predecessor of our current
foes; The Barbary Pirates, he led expeditions into Libya,
which involved the Marines, into the battles that frame
the second line, of the Marine Corp Anthem, "The Halls
of Tripoli. He was also the John McCain of his day, in the
latter years, of the War of 1812, when his ship , The
Constellation, was captured and he served a term in the
notorious Dartmoor Prison. He was also famously known
for stating an expression, most appropriate for our times
"Millions for Defense, Not one cent for Tribute" 
A journal on the ideas and events of the day, focused around the War on Terror's direct predecessor; Stephen Vincent Decatur

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